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Hottest tips for Auto Hail Repair


Auto Hail Repair

So we live in Colorado and we are aware when a hail storm hits there is a good chance our vehicle is going to receive hail damage and we will need to have auto hail repair done to our vehicle.

So what should we do?

First thing is to try and make sure your car is covered.

Obviously that would ensure the damage is minimal or non.

Failing that once you have assessed your damage it is important to contact your insurance company to begin filling a claim.

The next step is to contact ourselves who will send out a specialist to come and professionally asses the damage.

We will then contact your insurance company and deal with the rest of the claim on your behalf this will include meeting with the adjuster to ensure you get the best result.

Turnaround Times are Quick!

After we get approval from your insurance company, we begin repairing your vehicle immediately.  Unlike most bodyshops, we specialize in hail damage repair, so your car won’t sit on our lot for extended periods of time waiting for it’s turn in line.

No Hassles 

Instead of haggling on the phone with your insurance company for hours, let us take the reins and make your hail repair as easy for you as possible.   Just drop off your car and let us handle the rest!.

100% Customer Satisfaction

If you’re not %100 satisfied with the repairs made to your vehicle, we will take the necessary steps to make sure that you are!